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Who are we

INFINZ is the member based industry body for professionals working and participating in New Zealand's wholesale finance and capital markets.

Our purpose is to enhance the New Zealand Capital Markets and the Capability of our Members.

INFINZ has been established to promote the quality and standing of both the industry and its participants and to represent and advocate on behalf of its members to legislators, regulators and policy-makers, government and other professional/industry bodies.

INFINZ seeks to have its members recognised in New Zealand and internationally for their honesty, integrity and skill. INFINZ works for the benefit of the broader community of users of the finance and capital markets. In so doing INFINZ seeks to ensure the New Zealand wholesale finance and capital markets are relevant, efficient, well run and attractive to domestic and international investors and market participants.

We are recognised for:

  • Our authority and influence to comment on all matters and issues relating to New Zealand's finance and capital markets to the appropriate authority.
  • Our ability to take a leading role in working with government, business and industry groups, regulators and policy-makers to advocate for improved and best practice laws and regulations in respect of New Zealand's finance and capital markets.
  • Our willingness to require our members to commit to our Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct and our commitment to a strong Disciplinary process.
  • The high quality of our events, functions and conferences which offer formal and informal professional development and learning opportunities.
  • Our willingness to actively engage with education providers to ensure the appropriateness of the standards and content of academic qualifications applicable to the industry.

Help drive the industry that impacts your daily life. 

INFINZ membership enables you to directly engage with your peers and regulators in forming the structure of your industry.  You can influence us in so many ways and we invite you to join INFINZ to have your say.

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INFINZ Journal

June 2016

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