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Belinda Storey

Session 3: Physical risk resilience and modelling

Belinda Storey

Director and co-founder

Belinda is co-founder of Kanute, a start-up developing tools to quantitatively price climate risk under the ‘Climate-related Disclosures and Other Matters’ amendment bill guidelines. 

She is also managing director of Whakahura: Extreme Events and the Emergence of Climate Change, a five year, $10 million research programme funded by the New Zealand government. 

Belinda’s research and experience focuses on the impact of escalating hazards on infrastructure, real estate, banking and insurance. In 2017, she coined the term “insurance retreat” and in December 2020 published “Insurance Retreat: Sea level rise and the withdrawal of residential insurance in Aotearoa New Zealand”.  

Belinda has a MBA in Finance from Columbia University of New York and a Masters in Disaster Risk from the University of Canterbury.

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