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James Hughes

Session 2: The why and how of identifying and assessing physical risks

James Hughes

Technical Director - climate and resilience
Tonkin and Taylor

James has a 20-year career in the infrastructure and environmental sectors, and leads T+T’s climate change and resilience advisory practice.  

James has worked in asset management and infrastructure planning, risk management and sustainability. 

James recently led the ‘Built Environment’ domain of NZ’s first National Climate Change Risk Assessment, and was part of MfE’s Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group during 2018.  

He and T+T’s growing climate change team are increasingly working with regional and district councils, infrastructure utilities and private companies to better understand climate risk, and advise on emissions reduction strategies.  He has also been involved in a number of recent research projects - including Deep South Science Challenge research into the impacts of climate change on wastewater and stormwater systems.

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