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Pip Best

Session 5: Strategy and Targets: Achieving our commitments under the Paris Agreement - how to set achievable targets

Pip Best

Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change leader

Pip is an EY Partner and leader of EY New Zealand’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team.  

She has extensive experience in working in sustainability and climate change areas, particularly at its intersection with the finance sector. 

Pip led the Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF) Secretariat from 2019 up until the launch of Toitū Tahua – the Centre for Sustainable Finance in July 2021 and is now a member of the Toitū Tahua Leadership Group.  

Prior to joining EY, Pip worked for a derivatives trading desk at ANZ Bank in Melbourne and London.  Pip holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and is a board member of the Carbon Markets Institute.

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