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Saatyesh Bhana

Session 6: Using financing of green buildings to reduce your emissions footprint

Saatyesh Bhana

Head of Sustainability
Argosy Property Limited

Saatyesh has been with the Argosy management team for over 15 years and has 22 years’ experience working in various regions and sectors, including tenancy advocacy.  

His extensive experience with acquisitions, divestments, leasing and value-add projects reflect a collaborative approach with all stakeholders.  At Argosy, Saatyesh has delivered four Green Star projects that involved the upgrade of existing buildings.  These refurbishments were awarded 5 Green Stars of which the practical benefits of sustainability are well known.   

Saatyesh is driving sustainable developments and educating, guiding, and collaborating with stakeholders around sustainability.  His role also covers advising on environmental matters, and carbon emissions on development projects and the portfolio. 

Saatyesh graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Business Studies degree, specialising in Valuation and Property Management.  In 2016 he was awarded a Fellowship from the Property Institute of New Zealand.  He is also a Green Star NZ Accredited Professional and contributes through various advisory groups. 

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