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simon power

Acting Chief Executive Officer
Westpac NZ

Simon Power has been Acting Chief Executive Officer of Westpac New Zealand since June 2021. Prior to his appointment as Acting CEO, he was General Manager of Institutional & Business Banking; and he has also held the positions of General Manager of Consumer Banking & Wealth; and General Manager of Business Bank, Private Bank, Wealth & Insurance.

Simon has been with Westpac for 10 years, and all of his roles have involved working closely with Westpac's customers. He remains committed to spending time with the bank's customers, taking on their feedback and ensuring that customers' needs are at the heart of everything Westpac does.

Prior to his banking career, Simon spent 12 years as a Member of Parliament. Between 2008-2011 he served as Minister of Justice, Minister of Commerce and Minister of State-Owned Enterprises.

Simon grew up in Palmerston North, and attended Wellington's Victoria University, where he obtained degrees in both Law and Politics. He has completed programmes at Harvard Business School, as well as at the Australian Graduate School of Management and Melbourne Business School.

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