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Management and Leadership Adviser

TIM 41154 - Management and Leadership Adviser

  • Volunteer Service Abroad covers costs while you're on assignment, including travel, accommodation, living allowance and more
  • Work alongside an empowering organisation
  • Provide mentoring at the strategic management level

Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) sends skilled Kiwis to the Pacific and beyond to share their experience and knowledge directly with local people and communities.

Working together with our regional neighbours, our volunteers create new opportunities for people that will continue to ripple across communities for generations to come.

Work alongside local non-governmental organisation Ba Futuru. This Timorese organisation has a vision to build a culture of peace and non-violence. They support local people by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve this vision. Ba Futuru run various programmes, including a Peace Centre for children and Youth; Dynamic Drama Programmes which tour nationally; and training programmes for local communities and leaders.

This is an opportunity to work alongside the senior leadership team and other key staff within Ba Futuru to build capacity and identify areas for progression where possible.

In working with the senior management team, you will be responsible for assessing their leadership capabilities. This will include training and mentoring in decision-making, and succession planning and its implementation. As the ideal candidate, you will also have the ability to provide advice on business planning and financial management.

While on this assignment, you will help identify and mentor key staff within the organisation who are capable of supporting the senior management team and taking up senior roles in the future. You will engage in mentoring staff to improve their critical thinking, problem solving, planning, and management skills. You will be responsible for working alongside the staff to develop an internal peer support network. You will also engage in assisting management staff in developing performance management and planning policies, procedures and templates.

Experience required for this assignment:

  • A qualification in Business Management or related discipline OR relevant senior management and operations management experience
  • An understanding of economic empowerment initiatives - such as business development, and income generation activities
  • Practical experience and competency in human resources management and performance management
  • An understanding of financial management in a non-governmental context, including the identification of alternative revenue streams
  • Experience in mentoring and coaching

You will be working in a busy and vibrant environment. This is a great opportunity to apply your experience in empowering and inspiring individuals. You will help deliver sustainable, locally owned and effectively managed programmes, which empower people.

VSA assignments provide a unique opportunity for professional development by sharing your skills to build thiriving communities in the Pacific and beyond.

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