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Rick Lomax

Session 1: The how and why of emissions footprinting and Emissions Reduction Planning

Rick Lomax

Decarbonisation Lead

Rick is a decarbonisation leader in Beca’s Sustainability Advisory practice. Rick is passionate about supporting clients to understand and implement actions that maximise the positive impacts that sustainability can create within an organisation or community. This includes minimising, and where possible, eliminating negative impacts, such as greenhouse gases, and building resilience and adaptation into business as usual. 

Rick has developed strategic and material frameworks and translated these into action, for example, developing net zero carbon road maps and implementing detailed action plans. 

Rick has supported clients to use carbon as a lens for decision making, especially in infrastructure design, where carbon can be a proxy for cost and used throughout the design process to implement lower carbon outcomes across the whole lifecycle. He has a track record of supporting organisations, projects and national bodies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs.

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