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INFINZ membership at new peak

INFINZ Membership Hits New High


With eighteen new members approved at the INFINZ board meeting on 20th October INFINZ has hit its highest level of membership since its inception in May 2002. INFINZ now has 680 members having started with 591 when it was incorporated.


Whilst the absolute number of members may not appear great it is the calibre of the members that counts. In the main the members are senior people within both their firms and their sector of the industry. They are brokers and equity analysts, fund managers, investment bankers, corporate treasurers, CFOs, corporate and institutional bankers, consultants, accountants, lawyers, academics, local and central government employees, advisers and service providers. These people are all concerned with efficient and effective capital markets in New Zealand and strongly believe in the important role that vibrant and robust capital markets play in a well performing economy, overseen by appropriate and meaningful regulation. Many of the members hold highly influential positions and are recognised for the maturity and acumen they bring to the sector, the markets and the governance roles that many hold.


The industry has been in a state of flux over the last eight years with a reasonable number of people retiring or leaving the industry but with quite a high number moving offshore to further their careers. Therefore the net gain in membership of 89 people hides the fact that while 370 people have left INFINZ 459 have joined. More importantly, many of the new members have wanted their experience and education recognized by applying for certified membership in the field of treasury, securities analysis or investment and finance. These certified members have sought recognition for their skills, aptitude and professionalism by seeking accreditation from their peers at an industry body level.


There are 463 certified members of INFINZ with 165 being Certified Treasury Professionals (CTP), 154 being Certified Securities Analyst Professionals (CSAP) and 145 Certified Finance and Investment Professionals. This leaves 205 non-certified members and 11 student members. The non-certified members are quite often professionals in other industry sectors recognized by more focused professional bodies.


The membership base has around 46% of its constituents in greater Auckland, 32% in the Wellington region, 6% in other North Island locations, 6% in the South Island and 10% based overseas.

As an industry body INFINZ is active in advocacy and has called upon a number of its members to work with the Advocacy Committee to respond to the many discussion documents and Bills that are part of the seemingly total review of the financial services sector and broader capital and financial markets of New Zealand.

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