RBNZ Bank Capital Proposals - Submissions due May 3

RBNZ bank capital proposals should be assessed by the Productivity Commission
NZ Herald op-ed Louise Tong, INFINZ Chair

New Zealand's Reserve Bank (RB) is proposing to increase the total minimum capital requirement from the current 10.5 per cent to 18 per cent for banks that are identified as 'systemically important' (essentially the big four subsidiaries of Australian parent banks) and 17 per cent for all other banks.

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The proposals could have significant implications for the cost and availability of credit.

The Reserve Bank has encouraged non-banks in particular to have their voices heard.

Submissions are due by 3 May. To help you do that, we are happy to assist by:

  • Providing information resources to you (including summaries where available) to help you make your own submission to the Reserve Bank.
  • If you don't have time to prepare a full submission and/or wish to remain anonymous, you can contribute your views to a "Summary of Members' Views" submission we are happy to facilitate.
  • Alternatively, you can email or call us with your thoughts or questions, which will help us to prepare our submission and we be collated for presentation to the Reserve Bank as feedback."


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