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Christian Hawkesby

Christian Hawkesby gave a great talk on modern means for millennials to grow & save their wealth - thank you Christian for your top tips, INFINZ for putting on the event, and KPMG for hosting!

(as penned by Imogen Swain, ANZ Institutional Banking Graduate)

Christian’s 7 tips to setting yourself up for financial prosperity:

1. Start early!

2. Create a clear plan & goal.

3. Have a very long investment horizon (we’re talking decades).

4. Remove emotions from your financial decision-making.

5. Protect your income (keep yourself physically and mentally healthy so that you can continue to earn. Also consider income protection insurance).

6. Ensure access to the upside (this could include owning your own business / being a majority shareholder if this is something you’re interested in. The 10 richest people in New Zealand are all business owners in some shape or form).

7. Have a real purpose to it all. (What are you going to DO with your wealth once you have it? Spend it all? Give it to family? Take it to your grave? Philanthropy?)

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