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Programme 2015


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Tea & Coffee on arrival

9.00am- 9.10am


9.10m - 9.50am

Hon. Steven Joyce - Minister for Economic Development, and Associate Minister for Finance

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Encouraging FDI into New Zealand and opportunities for New Zealand businesses in India and China.

9.50am - 10.30am

Graeme Wheeler – Reserve Bank of New Zealand Governor

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Monetary policy and economic conditions.

  • Profile New Zealand economic perspective
  • How are offshore investors seeing us?
  • Monetary policy settings

10.30am - 10.35am

Brief overview of content to be covered in the optional streams (choose 2 of 4)

10.35am - 11.05am

Morning tea and networking

11.05am - 11.35am

John Macfarlane - ANZ (Australia) Board Director

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  • Financial Systems Inquiry - implications for Australian and NZ financial institutions
  • Asian opportunity - commodities and market volatility
  • Australian/Asian view on NZ as a destination for FDI - what does NZ need to do to be competitive on the world-stage?

11.35am - 12.35pm

Interactive Streams (choose 2 of 4)

1: Pru Bennett - Director BlackRock's Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment (CGRI) team

Anne-Maree O'Connor - Manager of Responsible Investment for the New Zealand Superannuation (NZSF)

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Enhanced Corporate Governance Practice

2: Mark Dick - Director, LinkedIn Sales Solutions at LinkedIn and Jesse Rothstein - Enterprise Account Executive, LinkedIn Sales Solutions

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Leveraging LinkedIn for Financial Services

Here is a great opportunity for you to learn more about LinkedIn and its place in the world of Financial Services.

During this session Mark and Jesse will provide a LinkedIn overview and focus on LinkedIn for Financial Services in the ANZ Region. They will discuss practical deliverables including building your professional brand; how to grow your book of referrals and leverage existing client relationships. By the end of this session you will have some valuable tools to put into practice.

3: Peter Chun - General Manager, Product & Investments, Colonial First State

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Fund management mega trends - winning in retail funds management

There have been significant changes in retail wealth management businesses around the world since the Global Financial Crisis driven by multiple factors such as regulation, technology, demographics.  This session will cover some of the key product trends in Australia and around the world, and explore what disruption lies ahead.  What will be the key success factors in the retail funds management game and how can the key players push the boundaries to ensure they win.

4: Susie Bell - Head of Investor Relations, Barratt Developments

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What does best practice look like and how do you measure success

12.35pm -1.35pm

Lunch and networking

1.35pm - 2.05pm

Michael Daniell - CEO, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

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Leadership and success in global markets

INFINZ Awards: Celebrating the best in finance - The Herald

Dollar's slump boosts exporters - The Herald

F&P Healthcare earnings to increase further - The Herald

2.05pm - 2.15pm

Brief overview of content to be covered in the optional streams (choose 2 of 4)

2.15pm - 3.15pm

Interactive Streams (choose 2 of 4)

1: Liam Mason - Director of Regulation, Financial Markets Authority

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C is for conduct

The Financial Markets Conduct Act signals a change in the nature of our financial markets regulation, bringing in all aspects of financial market conduct, rather than only disclosure. It includes obligations:

  • on licence holders to act in the best interests of their investors/customers;
  • on firms to fully assess and monitor the risks they pose to the integrity of our financial markets;
  • on all financial service and product providers to ensure their conduct is not misleading or deceptive.

The FMA signalled in its Strategic Risk Outlook that it will focus on aspects of governance, culture, and conduct as strategic priorities. Hear how this will translate into FMA's monitoring and regulation work, and what the regulator is looking for from boards and management when it assesses conduct in financial markets firms.

2: Mark Peterson - Head of Markets, NZX and Aaron Jenkins - Head of NZX Funds Management

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What's new at NZX?

NXT and the listings pipeline and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

3: Rebecca Sellers - Financial Service Leader, EY Law

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If an insurance salesperson fails to discuss a large commission to a customer, the sale is unfair.  This recent finding of the UK Supreme Court will cost the UK financial services industry $70 billion in compensation payments.  Closer to home, Australia has been grappling with the same mis-selling issues.

Products are mis-sold when the people who sell them are not incentivised to ensure the best customer outcome.  Some products are not sold to the right customers, other products may just be toxic in nature.

What can we learn from the UK and Australian mis-selling experience?  What changes can we make to our practices and laws to avoid the same costly path?

4: Simon Peisley - Head of Foreign Exchange Australia and New Zealand, Bloomberg, and Ian Waddell - Commodity Application Specialist, Bloomberg LP and

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China - near term challenges and longer term opportunites.

China's domestic economy is clearly not performing as well as portrayed externally. Simon Peisley and Ian Waddell from Bloomberg L.P. will examine New Zealand's dependence on China, and the potential long run impacts of the Yuan Devaluation.

3.15pm - 3.45pm

Afternoon tea and networking

3.45pm - 4.15pm

Jason Juma-Ross - Head of Telecommunications, Technology and Entertainment, Facebook Australia

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The more we connect, the better it gets

The past five years has seen big changes in the way we connect, communicate, and do business. A third of the world is now connected to the internet and mobile phones have become the main point of access. As the world has become more mobile, it is also becoming more visual, more personal, more conversational, and more connected. Facebook's Australian head of Technology, Telecommunications, and Entertainment will explore these trends and draw out implications for markets and business in New Zealand.

4.15pm - 4.50pm

Murray Holdaway - Vista Chief Executive joined by Susan Peterson - Independent Director

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IPO Case Study

Going Public

INFINZ Awards: PwC Equity Issue of the Year - The Herald

Vista eyes bigger picture after solid NZX debut - The Herald

4.50 - 5.25pm

US Fund Manager

Joshua Shipley, Senior Vice President PRICOA Capital Group, Prudential Capital Group

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During this session you will hear about:

  • US investor perspectives on global markets including prospective tightening from the "Fed"
  • Trends in USPP market, inflows/attractiveness of asset class/regulatory impacts
  • Investment characteristics sought by US investors in USPPs
  • US investor sentiment toward investing in NZ (economy/investment opportunities)
  • How can NZ issuers best position themselves to attract US investor interest?

5.25pm - 5.30pm

Conference close

5.30pm - 7.30pm

Cocktails and Networking

Whilst every endeavour has been made to make sure this programme is as accurate as possible it is subject to change.

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