INFINZ 2019 Conference Student Scholars

As part of our program to reach out to students, the Board has provided for thirteen senior finance students to attend the INFINZ Conference on a heavily subsidised basis.

Senior finance students from universities around New Zealand were invited to apply for the INFINZ Scholarships. Applicants needed to not only have good grades in finance related subjects but the students also had to demonstrate leadership aptitude and a sincere desire to forge a career in the capital markets industry. Many of the selected students have, for example, had leadership roles in their respective Investment Clubs.

The profiles of the thirteen selected INFINZ Student Scholars are given below. Please consider them for internships and other employment opportunities.

If you are attending the INFINZ Conference on 22 October at the SKYCITY Auckland Convention Centre, then please introduce yourself to them, they will welcome your insights and experience.

Studying law, finance and economics at Victoria University of Wellington. I also serve as the investment club's secretary.
I hope that by attending the conference I'll be able to get a deeper insight into capital markets, wealth management and M & A.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT), BBus Finance Honours student and teaching assistant for 3rd Year Finance Paper at AUT.
I am particularly interested in the use of digital technology for increasing efficiency in the finance industry. I am looking forward to hearing about the latest trends in the financial market.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) studying a bachelor of business (BBus) majoring in Economics & Finance.
Over the course of my studies I have found a passion for the finance industry, more specifically capital markets and transaction services. I hope to meet industry professionals and gain insight into what life is like as a professional in the finance industry, whilst also developing my areas of interest in the industry in greater depth.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts at the University of Auckland, majoring in Finance, Economics and Marketing. As an Equity Analyst in the Investment Club's fund, I have a passion for Finance.
I hope to hear how disruptive technologies will impact the financial services sector.

President of Massey University Investment Club, Palmerston North.
A Pasifika mentor, tutor and PhD Candidate in Finance. Research focuses on Incentive effects of CEO Compensation on Corporate Decision Making.
By attending the INFINZ Conference, I hope to gain valuable insights from industry specialists into current global economic trends, financial perspectives, best investment options and management.

University of Auckland, Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Conjoint with majors in Engineering Science, Accounting and Finance. UAIC Investment Committee Senior Analyst and UoA Management Consulting Club Treasurer
I have strong interests in financial markets, financial modelling, programming and technology. I hope to gain insights into New Zealand's Venture Capital and Private Equity ecosystem and the disruption caused by technology.

My name is Drishen Naidoo, and I am currently in my final year of the Bachelor of Commerce Honours program at the University of Auckland majoring in finance. I am also a student member of the investment club and INFINZ.
At the INFINZ conference,I'm hoping to gain insight from industry leaders into the pathways they took to establish their careers.

My name is Phil, and I am a Ph.D. student in Finance at Massey University, I am also currently a vice president of Massey EcoFin Investment club.
I hope that this conference will discuss many promising and current topics in the finance industry, especially the stock market.

University of Auckland: BSc/BCom; Computer Science, Finance and Accounting.
I am the Investment Committee Chairman of the University of Auckland Investment Club and work as a Research Analyst at Technology Investment Network. I have a strong interest in the equity markets and am looking forward to hearing industry leaders speak on the amalgamation of technology and finance.

University of Auckland: BCom/BSc (Finance, Economics and Statistics).
I am a Senior Equity Analyst for UAIC and will work as an EY TAS intern over the summer. I'm interested in the capital markets and hope to learn about the future direction of the NZ financial industry.

Victoria University of Wellington. Studying Master of Applied Finance.
I to gain an appreciation for finance when I worked for a technology company in my hometown. I am interested in applying my degree to predicting and forecasting financial opportunities and decisions, treasury management and risk management, etc. From this precious conference opportunity, I hope to hear from the experts in the finance industry and broaden my networks.

Final year of a LLB(HONS) / BCom (majoring in Economics and Finance) student at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), Economics and Finance Tutor and the current President of the VUW Business and Investment Club.
I am interested in M&A and private capital markets. I look forward to hearing from financial industry leaders at the INFINZ Conference.

Master of Finance at the University of Otago
My interests revolve around how technology and business interact and drive each other forward. I have completed degrees in Commerce and Science, studying Finance, Economics and Information Science. The INFINZ conference will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from the top people in finance and economics. I am especially looking forward to the discussion on economics and populism.

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