2024 Full Conference Programme

2024 INFINZ Conference

Theme: Adaptability - highlighting the imperative for both corporate and government investment to be more considered and impactful in light of the financial constraints on governments and the increased costs of capital.


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Mihi with Ngāti Whātua
Welcome with Will Goodwin, INFINZ Chair
MC - Miriama Kamo Presenter Sunday TV Program


Ministerial address 


International/Domestic Economic perspective:

Carl Tannenbaum Chief Economist, Northern Trust (USA)
Sharon Zollner NZ Chief Economist, ANZ NZ

Carl Tannenbaum, and Sharon Zollner, will discuss current trends in both international and domestic economies. This session aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the economic challenges and opportunities facing the global and New Zealand markets.




Monetary Policy:

Adrian Orr the Reserve Bank Governor

Adrian Orr, will provide an address on the central bank's perspective on the economy, monetary policy, and financial stability. This session is expected to offer valuable insights into the Reserve Bank's strategies and outlook.


Social Investment Approach:

Sir William English former PM and Minister of Finance

Sir William English will present on the social investment approach, focusing on how investments can be directed to achieve social outcomes alongside financial returns. This session will explore the principles and practices of social investment and its impact on society.




Mindstuck:  Mastering the Art of Changing Minds:

Michael McQueen multi-award winning speaker (Australia)

Michael McQueen will discuss the importance of adapting to change and overcoming mental barriers that prevent innovation. This session aims to inspire attendees to embrace change and foster a mindset conducive to growth and innovation.



Samantha Barrass CEO Financial Markets Authority (FMA)

Samantha Barrass, will discuss the regulatory landscape affecting the financial services industry.  The session is intended to offer insights into the regulatory priorities and initiatives that are shaping the financial sector.




Major Bank CEO Panel - The financial services sector as an enabler and catalyst:

Vittoria Shortt CEO, ASB
Dan Huggins CEO, BNZ
Antonia Watson CEO, ANZ
Catherine McGrath CEO, Westpac

A panel discussion featuring CEOs from major banks will explore how the financial services sector can act as an enabler and catalyst for economic development.


Inspiration, bravery and entrepreneurialism - Building a financial services unicorn in NZ:

Naomi Ballantyne Founder and recently retired Managing Director of Partners Life

Naomi Ballantyne will share her experience of building a successful financial services company in New Zealand. This session will highlight the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in the financial sector.


Thanks/wrap up

MC - Miriama Kamo



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