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Conference Programme 2016

"In the 2015 INFINZ membership survey Education is ranked the highest or second highest priority to members, a change from 2014 and 2013 where Advocacy held this top position"


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Light Breakfast available

8.50- 9.00am


Jim McElwain, INFINZ Executive Director

9.00m - 9.40am

Sir Ralph Norris - Professional Director and Chair Fletcher Building

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Session description

Sir Ralph will share his experience and wisdom gained as both CEO and Chair of leading Australasian businesses by providing insight into best practice in governance and instilling sound culture and conduct.

Q&A Session with Rachel Smalley

9.40am - 10.25am

Governance panel

Ian Purdy (Panel Moderator) - Portfolio Manager at Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

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Anne Urlwin - Professional Director

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Catherine Savage - Professional Director and Chair of Guardian NZ Superannuation

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Paul Glass - Executive Chairman, Devon Funds Management

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Session description

Current change and global trends - how fund managers are viewing the issue of corporate governance.

The corporate governance panel is an opportunity for INFINZ conference attendees to participate in an engaged debate about the key challenges and developments in corporate governance in NZ. There is increasing attention on corporate governance from regulators, investors, issuers, and the media. This panel will include representatives from both the institutional investor and director side of the market, providing a unique opportunity to hear multiple perspectives from different parts of the capital markets.

10.25am - 10.50am

Morning tea and networking

10.50am- 11.25am

John Dakin - CEO and Executive Director

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Session description

Partnering with Asian investors from an Australasian perspective and developing Auckland infrastructure.

11.25am - 11.30am

Brief overview of content to be covered in the optional streams (choose 2 of 4)

4 sessions will run contemporaneously of 35 mins each (repeated) with 5 minutes for movement between sessions.

11.30am - 12.50pm

Interactive Streams (choose 2 of 4)

1: How is FinTech shaping Financial Services?

Andy Symons - Financial Services Sector Leader, PwC New Zealand

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2: Blockchain – how could this reshape financial services?

Sophie Gilder - Head of Blockchain

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3: Equity Crowd Funding/P2P – how could this reshape capital raising for SMEs?

Bill Murphy - Executive Director, Enterprise Angels

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4: US Investor Perspective – how does investing in NZ debt and equity securities fit within their universe of investment opportunities and how can NZ issuers best position themselves?

Eric Boone - Partner, Baker Mackenzie

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Session description

As a leading Sydney-based adviser to US institutional investors, hear Eric Boone discuss:

  • US investor perspectives on global capital markets post Brexit and with imminent US Presidential elections
  • US investor sentiment toward NZ (economy/investment opportunities)
  • How can NZ issuers best position themselves to attract US investor interest?

12.50pm -1.50pm

Lunch and networking

1.50pm - 2.30pm

Raymond Yeung - Chief Economist, Greater China with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)

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Session description

Insights into the fusion of east and west and closer integration of trade, tourism and investment with China and Asia.

2.30pm - 3.05pm

Stephen Oldfield - Managing Director at UBS; Associate Director of Research, Asia Pacific

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Wade Gardiner - Director at UBS

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Session description

A combination of improving economics and strong environmental-driven policy support for renewable energy is resulting in a significant amount of renewable power capacity being installed around the world. However this growth in supply is happening at a time when power demand growth is subdued or even negative in many markets around the world. This has negative implications for incumbent thermal power plants, with declining utilisation rates and revenues. In addition, the intermittent nature of many renewable power means that infrastructure needs to be in place as back up. With the costs of solar power continuing to decline, these pressure on incumbent utilities is likely to increase further, including countries where solar is not subsidised. Regulations and revenue models still need to adapt to ensure a sustainable industry structure. New Zealand's power industry, with over 80% of generation already from renewable sources, is relatively insulated from these global pressures.

3.05pm - 3.30pm

Afternoon tea and networking

3.30pm - 4.10pm

Paul Adams - CEO, Everedge

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Session description

The Great Economic Inversion: The intangible asset revolution

  • How to recognise valuable intangible assets inside a business
  • Understanding the critical role intangible assets play in company performance
  • How intangible assets can dramatically move the needle - up or down
  • Understanding how to leverage intangible assets to fuel grow and unleash innovation

4.10pm - 4.55pm

NZ Bank/Treasurers’ panel

Moderator: Mark Butcher
Chief Executive, LGFA

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Antonia Watson
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - ANZ NZ

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Nigel Annett
General Manager, Treasury – ASB

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Adrienne Duarte
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – BNZ

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Jim Reardon
Treasurer – Westpac

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Session description

  • Capital market conditions - funding implications for corporates

  • Dairy sector exposures, provisioning

  • Relevance of OCR to Mortgage Rates

  • Impact of blockchain technology on banking sector

  • Views on P2P lending/other disrupters

  • RBNZ macro prudential impact on mortgage lending

4.55 - 5.35pm

Tim Baker, Head of Australian Equity Strategy|Company Research, Deutsche Group AG Australia & New Zealand

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Session description

International geopolitical and capital market developments and implications for the Australasian finance and capital markets

5.35pm - 5.40pm

Conference close

Mark Edwards, INFINZ Conference Chair

5.40pm - 7.30pm

Cocktails and Networking

Whilst every endeavour has been made to make sure this programme is as accurate as possible it is subject to change.

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