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Full Programme 2014


Conference registration opens

Tea & Coffee on arrival

MC for the INFINZ Conference - Andrew Patterson

9.00am- 9.10am

Anthony Quirk - INFINZ Chairman
Opens conference

9.10m - 9.50am


Geraldine McBride

New Zealander Geraldine McBride is a former CEO and President of several regional divisions of SAP (North America, Asia Pacific, Australia New Zealand), and senior Vice President and Global Head of Applications and BPO (cloud mobile and outsourcing services) for Dell. Find out more

Digital disruption – transform or die

  • There is a consumer revolution underway. New technologies are transforming the landscape. The consumer is now in charge.
  • Asian consumers have embraced digital even faster than in the west, reflected in the indicative US150b plus valuation placed on the Alibaba Group which is rumoured to IPO shortly.
  • What is a winning strategy – how do you build your business around the customer? How might your business proactively capitalise on these transformative changes?

9.50am - 10.30am


Ulrik Ross
Managing Director, HSBC London
Global Head of Public Sector & Sustainable Financing
Capital Financing, Global Banking and Markets. Find out more

International capital markets and sustainable financing.

Andrew Duncan - Director Capital Financing, HSBC Australia

NZ Commentary

Find out more on Andrew

10.30am - 10.50am

Morning tea and networking

10.50am - 11.25am


Rob Everett
CEO, Financial Markets Authority (FMA)

Rob was appointed Chief Executive in November 2013 and joined FMA in February 2014. Find out more

FMA update

11.25am - 12.00pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

CBS 1 - Treasury/markets

Craig McIvor
CEO, Global Rate Set Systems Ltd

Prior to Global Rate Set Systems Craig was Managing Director, Corporate Management Advice (providing strategic advice to Associations such as AFMA, NZFMA,ASF and ACI); CEO of ASX listed Online Trading System; Executive Director, Australian Associated Press (1995 – 2000) and Australian Manager, AAP Reuters (1990 – 1995). Find out more

This session examines the future of financial market benchmarks such as Libor, Euribor and Tibor in light of regulatory reviews over the last two years and the LIBOR scandal. In particular the session will focus on;

  • the practical changes that have affected Euribor and other benchmarks
  • how these changes are likely to influence benchmark creation and use in Australia and New Zealand in the future
  • challenges faced when moving to transaction based benchmarks

CBS 2 - Funds/IB/CF/Legal

Matt Whineray BCom, LLB
Chief Investment Officer, New Zealand Super Fund (NZSF)

Matt joined the Guardians in 2008 from Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) where he was Headof Financial Sponsor Coverage for non-Japan Asia. Find out more

Allocating Risk among Myriad Global Investment Opportunities

  • Using investment themes to drive decision-making
  • Investing more directly
  • Importance of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance risk management for a long-term investor.

12.00pm - 12.30pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

CBS 1 - Treasury/markets

Danica Hampton
Head of Currency Overlay & Solution Sales, National Australia Bank

As Head of Currency Overlay & Solution Sales, Danica is responsible for developing and marketing currency hedging and derivative solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Find out more

A “risk-based approach to currency management” in the context of portfolio management.

  • Passive hedging is a great idea in theory. However, in practice currency hedges are not perfect. When the underlying assets are correlated with the currency, then having some FX exposure can provide useful diversification benefits for the entire portfolio.
  • But how much FX exposure?
  • Can this static “optimal FX exposure” analysis be improved? How can currency hedging be constructed to maximise its diversification benefits, when your portfolio needs it.

CBS 2 - Funds/IB/CF/Legal

Pip McCrostie
Global Vice Chair, Transaction Advisory Services- EY

Pip McCrostie is Global Vice Chair of Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) at EY leading 10,000 TAS professionals around the world and is a member of the EY Global Executive, the organization's highest management body globally. Find out more

Global trends in M&A – Implications for NZ

  • There is unprecedented levels of cash on corporate balance sheets. Will this result in a sustained upswing in M&A?
  • What are the drivers for M&A globally? If activity is being driven by corporates, what challenges and opportunities are they looking to address through realignment of their portfolios?
  • What does the growth in Asian middle classes and the digital revolution mean for corporate activity in Asia Pacific?
  • What does this mean for M&A in Australasia?

Please note this session will be delivered via pre-recorded interview.

12.30pm -1.30pm

Lunch and networking

1.30pm - 2.10pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

CBS 1 - Treasury/markets

Cameron Peter
Managing Director, Peter Lee Associates

Consults to the institutional banking and markets divisions of the major domestic and foreign banks operating in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more

The session is a broad ranging look at the wholesale financial markets across Australia and New Zealand from the perspective of the major participants in those markets. Key issues covered will include:

  • Trends in market activity and buyer behaviour, including the increasing use of electronic platforms
  • Key drivers of client satisfaction
  • Feedback on how post GFC regulation might change buyer behaviour
  • Key domestic and global issues of concern amongst senior financial executives

CBS 2 - Funds/IB/CF/Legal

Reuben Tucker- Panel Chair
Executive Director International & Institutional Banking, ANZ

Find out more about Reuben 

Vicky Hyde-Smith
AMP Capital Investors

Find out more about Vicky

Fergus McDonald

Find out more about Fergus

David Lewis
Portfolio Manager - Milford Asset Management

Find out more about David

Fixed interest manager session:

  • Ways to generate returns in a low yield environment
  • Addressing disintermediation in domestic cap markets
  • Does market liquidity matter anymore

2.10pm - 3.00pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

CBS 1 - Treasury/markets

Mark Butcher – Panel chair
Chief Executive, NZ Local Government Funding Agency

Find out more about Mark

Linda Robertson
Group Manager Treasury and Procurement Meridian Energy

Find out more about Linda

Nigel Cory-Wright
CorporateTreasurer Fisher & Paykel Appliances Ltd

Find our more about Nigel

Tim Thompson
Mighty River Power

Sara Double

Find out more about Sara

Panel discussion

Treasury Systems - selection implementation and optimisation

CBS 2 - Funds/IB/CF/Legal

Ross Pennington – Panel Chair
Partner, Chapman Tripp

Find out more about Ross

Simone Robbers
Director of Primary Markets and InvestorResources, FMA

Find our more about Simone

Martin Stearne
Managing Director - Investment Banking, First NZ Capital

Find out more about Martin

David McCallum
Director, Deutsche Craigs Limited

Find out more about David

Rob Facer
CEO - Intueri Education Group

Find out more about Rob

Taking the leap - Raising Capital under FMC

Raising capital in the new world – whatissuers, lead underwriters, advisers should be thinking about:

  • Intro - understand what’s changed and what’s available (basic philosophy for new formats, new low doc and cost savings opportunities, shift to on-going disclosures, issuers assessment for KIS, new liability regime, NZX Growth market)
  • How does this impact processes, tone and culture – right sizing of due diligence processes – focus on on-going good corporate governance and sound processes rather than a one-off deep dive,
  • Risk management processes and frameworks – essential for distilling of key risks for the PDS (Lodging on the register - assessing what’s material that’s not in the PDS)
  • FMA’s approach to new offers being made under the new regime – outline what we will be looking for, how we will engage etc, encourage early adopters and market leaders

3.00pm - 3.30pm

Afternoon tea and networking

3.30pm - 4.15pm


Brian Gaynor
Executive Director

Find out more about Brian

John Hawkins
NZ Shareholders Association

Find out more about John

Brian Bourdot
Portfolio Manager, NZ Equities – NZ Super Fund

Find out more about Brian

The session will focus on how governance has progressed in NZ over the past 10-20 years and a comparison with overseas and future developments

4.15pm - 5.00pm


Antonia Watson
Chief Financial Officer, ANZ NZ
NZICA (CA), BCom (Hons)

Find out more about Antonia

Mark Verbiest

Fin out more about Mark

Sue Sheldon

Find our more about Sue

Tania Te Rangingangana Simpson
Tainui, Ngai Tahu, Nga Puhi
Master of Matauranga Maori, B.AMaori, AFInstD

Find out more about Tania

Promoting diversity in the capital markets.

  • What are the benefits of achieving greater diversity amongst the management and directorships in our capital markets?
  • How can greater diversity be fostered and encouraged?

5.00pm - 5.45pm


Jason Hollingworth
Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, Sky TV

Find out more about Jason

George Crawford
CFO, Precinct Properties

Find out more about George

Alex Duncan
Senior Advisor, Office of the CFO - Fonterra

Find out more about Alex

Andrew Bashford
Executive Director, Head of Corporate Finance and Corporate Relationships Corporate & Institutional - Westpac

Find our more about Andrew

Selecting and executing growth options.

  • Selecting wealth creating growth options
  • Funding these opportunities and
  • Governance and other activity to execute the opportunities well and mitigate the risks

5.45pm - 6.00pm

Conference close

David Bell, INFINZ Conference Chairman key learnings.

6.00pm - 8.00pm


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